Sunday, September 8, 2013

Planner/Diary (Publisher of this diary since 1994)

Get Diary/Planner 2018 before they are sold out.

Only $3.00 each.

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We (Henry Marketing Services) are the publishers of this Diary/Planner since 1994.

(1) Recently it was brought to our attention that a relatively big company has plagiarized our Diary/Planner.

They have written us an official letter that they would stop the plagiarism immediately.
Apologies accepted.

Dated 16th November 2016.

(2) Beware! There is another company which plagiarizes our diary/planner.
Please stop plagiarism immediately and stop selling them through bookstores, etc.
Dated 21st December 2016

To all other publishers:
1) Please do not plagiarize our Diary/Planner. We will take legal action.
2) Use your own capability to produce your own designed-Diary/Planner.


Joyce said...

love the planners/diary. Nice design both inside and outside and easy to carry around. Please make them every year! :)

jhon stiffler said...

The image is beautiful and the content is beautiful too. Great..!!

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